Westwind Aviation

(2011) LIMITED

Your New Zealand Company for the I.C.P. srl range of aircraft including the Savannah S. Based at Forest Field aerodrome (NZFF) in Canterbury, we supply factory built or ready to build kits. We provide complete support for your build in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In addition we can supply Rotax (TM) engines, your choice of propellers and spare parts when required. We are able to assist in any build or assemble one with your selected options for you to fly away.

There are over 300 Savannah aircraft flying in Australasia. There are now numerous aircraft at various stages of being built in New Zealand.

We offer the Savannah S aircraft kit as either a kitset, partially built or fully factory built version. The kits have options included for a standard New Zealand build. These are; adjustable seats, long range tanks, (4 x 36L for a range of almost 8 hours @ 18.5 Liters per hour), lockable recessed fuel tanks, Tundra tyres with a modified front nose leg hoop and axle, heater demister, the extended baggage compartment and an Outside Air Temperature sensor. A factory built aircraft option is available.

The Savannah S kit is sold with virtually everything you need to build the aircraft. However paint, a Rotax 912 ULS (TM) engine, propeller and a VHF radio will be added expenses. All VFR required instrumentation is included (look at the photos on this website) and the electrical wiring harness is pre assembled for ease of installation. It is therefore not a difficult build.

However you will need a decent air compressor. I suggest you go to one of those big home handyman stores or your favorite engineering supply place and look about, they cost around about $400 for a suitable unit. While you can convert the box the kit comes in into a build table, look at the photo above and spot the 2 build tables and mobile parts holder purchased from Stack-it Storage. www.stakit.co.nz or call 0800STACKIT. Even after the build, you will find use for them in your shed or garage.

In addition the Sport Aircraft Association has a great website for home builders. I suggest you check out the ‘Aircraft Building’ drop down menu for a selection of common tools you will need. While a pair is supplied, I recommend you purchase a very comfortable set of ‘cleco’ pliers and about an extra 100 copper and 100 black cleco’s. Steve Noad at Aircraft Logistics, Rangiora Airport can supply and ship these to you. Call him on 03 3107290.

We offer other options to the standard, subject to 15% GST and exchange rate fluctuations:

Rotax 912ULS and Bolly prop combination Price on application
Adjustable Seats $1050
21″ tyres with Tubes (Set of 3)                                   $1045
Park Brake $380
Red Anti Collision Beacon (LED) $850
Manifold pressure Gauge Kit $410
AeroKits 3point door latch kit $252  Not in Stock
Tall Rudder Kit $385
Y control column frame leather boot $290  Made to order       
Power Burst Wing Tip Strobes $1000   
AeroKits Aux fuel Tank Manifolds $300           
Twin Stick with Electric Flaps $1630
Garmin G5 POA
Trig TY 91 Dual Channel VHF Radio POA